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Select the message (s) you want to separate from the conversation.

Under Message organization, choose either of the options depending on whether you want to show email grouped by conversation or as individual message.

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Here we will show you how to enable and disable conversation view in Outlook.

4. The quick step is only half the gmail desire though (from my point of view, CP didn't specifically ask for this. .

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The everyday back-and-forth flows best in Teams.

Outlook has a few options for sorting your messages, the same way Gmail. May 12, 2023 · The 8 best email clients.

Massive caveat: one can't undo quick steps, a bug in Outlook. ) with Gmail, a new message on a previously archived thread brings the whole thread back to the.

Login to your Outlook inbox.

Click the Group Items By box, and then click a field.

Select on "Always Expand Selected Conversation".

In this post, I go through how to configure Outlook to make it mimic Gmail as closely as possible, and throw in a few tips about how to overcome some of the Outlook. . Jan 15, 2019 · Back in Outlook 2010, Microsoft introduced the Conversation View, which works something like Gmail’s conversation threading.

Uncheck the “ Show as Conversations ” option to turn conversation view off. If you select Show email grouped by conversation, under Arrange the reading pane, select either of the options: Newest on top or Newest on bottom or Show each message separately. . . I am in the inbox, but the Conversation View will also display your Sent.

Make Outlook Work Like Gmail Report this post Joshua Forman.

You can now mark contacts as favorites to see notifications and conversations involving these contacts first. In Microsoft Outlook, the basic set up splits your screen into three columns: the.

Gmail uses filters.

In the Group items by box, click a field to group by.

Massive caveat: one can't undo quick steps, a bug in Outlook.

Step 2 - Give the folder a good name i.

You need to use the Conversation settings.